board game
for playful families

Ages: 5-99+

2 to 4 kids + an adult Games Master

Playing time: 30 minutes

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The Game

Azaki is a family board game for kids aged 5 to 99... It combines the crazy fun of running around, jumping, laughing, singing and playing – overall the fun of being a child – with the intention of educating and developing various competences of our kids without being noticed.
Azaki is originally a beautiful watercolour board game all about a ferris wheel, balloons and pandas. Azaki is not a toy that you simply give to your kids –it is a game that you can tailor to your family so to play and enjoy together.

How to play

It is Panda Peet’s birthday but his balloons have gone with the wind. Help him get them back and be the one who collects the most balloons to win the game!
To help Panda Peet get back his balloons you have to get close to them on the Ferris wheel...
You need a good tactic when using the Action Cards...
And you have to be the one who fulfils the Azaki condition the GameMaster chooses from the Azaki card... The balloon goes to the one who...
Azaki can be both an easy and diverting game for younger fellows and a complex tactical game packed with tricks to play with each other for bigger kids. It is all up to you, the grown up to tailor the game to your players.

Educational Aspects

Azaki is an educational game that we tested with special educational needs teachers who liked it because kids liked it... and because it is competence and not knowledge based... and because it helps developing several competences – like visual attention, body schema, fine motor skills, deduction, reaction time, hand-eye coordination and many more – in one game... and because it develops the ability of flexible thinking that is a must for 21st century kids... and because the grown up playing with the kids does not have to make a decision all the time whether letting the kids win or winning. Instead, the Gamemaster is finally involved in the game without having to compete with the kids.

...and apparently, these games are rare.

Design Concept

There is a huge variety of board games & toys on the market but our personal experience is that the ones that we would not only choose for their content but also for their contribution to our kids visual culture are just sort of rare. We wanted to create a ’casual game’, a game you might use multiple times a week but still has a design based on valuable, handmade art work.
Luckily, we have Róza in our team: she painted both the game board and all the cards in watercolour, then digitalized and adapted them to serial printing criteria. In her hands, Azaki has become a colourful & joyful game that we are happy to use with our own kids - a whole new level of quality in casual board games.

The Team

Andrea Szilágyi
Game Designer
The one who has invented it
Róza Schmal
The one who has painted it
Judit Maróthy
Creative Project Manager
The one who has brought it to you
Edina Szabó
Consulting Special Educational Needs Teacher
The one who explains why
Krisztina Máthé
Narrator and Text stylist
The one who has read everything
Liana Abdulwahab
Social Media & PR
The one who spreads the word
Dénes Fellegi
The one who has filmed it for you
Daniel Fónagy
Web Designer
The one who put it on the web
and special thanks for all their help to our friends Ciaran Jackson, Eszter Csepeli, Tibor Csernyi, Tamás Knébel, the team of Trickerion, Gergő Szabó, Rita Lancondé, Dorottya & Bálint Bosnyák, Márk Nemes, Csilla, Mátka & Viola Kondorosy, Domonkos & Kinga Bátor, Botond & Lenke Gulyás, Dés & Lénárd Kovács
If you have any questions,
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